Vlado Lubarda

Vlado Lubarda received his Dipl. Eng. degree in mechanical engineering from University of Montenegro in Podgorica in 1975, as the first graduated student from that department. He won all student awards given at that time to the best students of the University of Montenegro. As a Fulbright scholar he attended Stanford University in California from 1976 to 1979, where he received M.S. degree in 1977 and a Ph.D. degree in 1979 (both in Mechanical Engineering). He became a teaching assistant in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of University of Montenegro in 1980, assistant professor in 1982, and associate professor in 1987.  He was awarded the "Rastko Stojanović" award of the Yugoslav Society of Mechanics for young scientists in 1981, and the "December Award of Podgorica" in 1988. The first edition of his book “Strength of Materials” was published in 1985, as the first textbook from the Civil Engineering Department of University of Montenegro. The second edition of the book was published in 1989.


As a recipient of the Fulbright postdoctoral fellowship, he spent 1989-1990 at Brown University in USA. He was a visiting associate professor at Brown from 1990-1991, and the Arizona State University from 1992-1997. Dr. Lubarda became an adjunct full professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering of University of California, San Diego in 1998, a distinguished teaching professor of nanoengineering in 2013, and a Fellow of Revelle College in 2017. For his outstanding teaching and education results, he received the most prestigious awards from the University of California, San Diego. His books “Elastoplasticity Theory” (CRC Press, 2002) and “Mechanics of Solids and Materials” (Cambridge University Press, 2006) have been used as graduate textbooks at universities worldwide, including Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, Cambridge, Caltech, and MIT. He received as a coauthor in 2009 the Award for the best research paper published in the “Journal of Materials”. Professor Lubarda is a reviewer for the leading international journals of mechanics and materials science, was a member of the scientific or advisory committees for numerous international congresses and conferences, and he serves on the editorial board of the journals “Theoretical and Applied Mechanics”, “Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids”, and “Acta Mechanica”.

In his research work, Dr. Lubarda addressed a wide range of topics from mechanics of solids and materials, which includes problems of elasticity, plasticity, biomechanics, micromechanics, and nanomechanics. The results of these studies, published in renown international journals and in the “Proceedings of the Division of Natural Sciences” of the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts, have been cited so far more than 4,250 times (Google Scholar data from June 2017 http://maeresearch.ucsd.edu/~vlubarda/research/rint.html). As a prominent scholar, he was portrayed in the annual publications of Marquis “Who’s Who in Science and Engineering” since 2005. Dr. Lubarda was elected to the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts as an associate member in 2000 and a full member in 2006. He became a full member of the Montenegrin Academy of Engineering and of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts in 2013. Academician Lubarda delivered his academic address “My research work in mechanics and mechanicians with whom I collaborated” at the Academy assembly meeting on December 16, 2016: http://bit.ly/2hSLNnb .

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