The Library contains eight legacies with about 30000 books at its disposal. The legacies of Arso and Vojka Milatović, of the academician Zarija Bešić, academician Jevto Milović, prof. Jovan and Jelena Vukmanović, the legacy of Aleksa Jovićević, as well as the legacy of Serge Galipeau make special units. The process of taking over the legacy of the academician Mijat Šuković is under way. The legacy of Arso and Vojka Milatović comprises a well-chosen collection of the most significant and oldest publications. In addition to several ecclesiastical hand-written books dating from 16th century, it contains six books from the printing house of Božidar and Vićenco Vuković (Minejpraznični – from 1538, Triodposni – from 1561, Služabnik – from 1554, Psaltir s posledovanjem – from 1561, Psaltir – from 1519, Molitvenik (Prayerbook) – from 1538-1540). The most interesting and the most valuable publication is Psaltir (Psalter) from 1519 with preserved Preface. As assessed by experts, this is the only preserved copy on the territory of the former Yugoslavia.  The articles of Trubarjev written in glagolitic script in 1562 are worth noting as well (there are only 19 copies in the whole world). Incunabules in foreign languages dating back from the 15th century have a significant place, too. The cartographic collection contains 46 cartographic publications: 3 from 17th century, 22 from the 18th century, 14 from 19th century and 4 from 20th century. The most important work in the collection is Atlas geographicus by Tobias Conrad Lotter. The collection of periodicals comprises 117 magazines, newspapers, calendars and other periodicals (national and foreign).

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