Momir Đurović

Prof. Momir Djurovic D.Sc. Ph.D. Dr h.c. M.Sc. DIC, dipl ing.


Born Danilovgrad, Montenegro 1941,, Married. Have three children.            

Professional diplomas: Dipl.Ing. Electrotechnical Faculty in Belgrade (University of Belgrade);  M.Sc., DIC,Ph.D.,Imperial College, University of London  1973; Doctor honoris causa, University of applied sciences, Republic of Moldova, D.Sc. University of Zagreb, Professor emeritus of the University of Montenegro

Professional career: Head of Department for electrical engineering at Technical Faculty in Podgorica, University of Belgrade, later University of Montenegro 1974- 1979; Dean (the first) of Electro technical Faculty in Podgorica, University of Montenegro 1978- 1980; General secretary of Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts (2001-2002); President of Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts (2002-2016 ); Visiting professor/researcher (RPI, USA), 1981/2; Researcher at Harvey Mudd College, USA Destingushed professor Istituto dell Approccio Centrato Sulla Persona Roma ,; Consultant to many companies (Westinghouse, GE, GEC, Ferantti, Crompton Greevs, R. Koncar…). Retired 2006;

Membership in professional societies: Fellow of  Association of Electrical and Mechanical Engineer of Yugoslavia (SMEITJ); President of SMEITJ (Association of electrical and mechanical engineers Yugoslavia) since 1979-2006; Member of The Tesla memorial society, Lackawanna; WREN (world renewable   energy network); WSS (world solar summit); Member of IEE; Member of AMSE; Founder and Full Member of Yugoslav academy of engineering of Serbia and Montenegro (vice president  1999-2006); Full Member of Yugoslav academy of engineering (vice president ) ; Full Member of Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts (elected in 1993.- president since 2002.-) ; Member of European Academy of Sciences and Arts -Salzburg (European generation, Active member, dean of section VI, Senator) ; Member of World Academy of Arts and Sciences (USA- member of BoT 2012-) ; Honorable member of Albanian Academy of Sciences; Honorary member of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova ; Golden laureate of International Academy of Engineering -Moscow ( silver and gold -17 in the world- medals-);  Foreign member of the Academy of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ANUBIH); Foreign member of Academia de doctors (Katalonija), Member of International academy of Electrotechnical science (Moscow), ; Foreign member of Macedonian academy of sciences and arts;  Foreign member of Academia Romania; Foreign member of Royal academy of financies and economics Spain; Foreign member of Academy of Moldova, President of Interacademy Council of SEE national academies (11 national academies; 2004 - 2006); Associate Member of The Club of Rome; Granada Bulgarian academy of sciences, Honorable diploma from Bosnian academy of sciences and arts. Member of many professional institutions in Serbia and Montenegro and former Yugoslavia.

Professional awards: SMEITJ recognized member; SITJ recognized member; Award of University of Montenegro; Full Color, Imperial College, London; City of Podgorica for Science; IEE Faraday lecture 1976; Diploma for outstanding contribution to engineering- AFES Hong Kong 2005; Silver medal of International Engineering Academy - Moscow 2000; Gold medal of International Academy of Engineering - Paris 2004.

Fellowship: The British Council 1969/70; Bursary Imperial College 1970/73; The Fulbrayt fellowship 1981/82; Many short duration fellowships

Research:  Electromagnetic fields in transformers and rotating electrical machines (numerical analysis and models) ; Numerical methods in electromagnetic fields; Induction  machines (generators, motors: control, new types, monitoring, fault  detection); Alternative energy (windmills - spatial induction generators), Sun tracking and control; Application of microprocessors in control and protection of electrical machines; General energy problems; Have participated and coordinated in many international projects; Conducted or participated in many European projects, bilateral, multilateral..Have been supervisor to many Ph.D. and M.Sc. students; External examiner for Ph.D. and M.Sc.; External reviewer for election of full time professors and academicians (Former Yugoslavia, USA, UK) ; Published more than 220 professional papers (The first published 3-D solution of eddy currents in laminated cores); Author or have contribution in 26 professional books (textbooks and monographies), last one @The Future has no History; Delivered many invited lectures to universities, academies of sciences, and key note lectures to international conferences (more then 45); Editor in chief of Elektrotehnika (professional journal) Belgrade, founder and editor in chief of ETF journal of Electrical Engineering, Podgorica; Edited many special editions, one of which is Montenegro on Old Postcards (MASA, 2008), member of editorial board of few  more professional journals. Organized many international conferences. Reviewer in many professional journals.

Consulting: Feranti - Manchester, UK; Westinghouse, Pittsburgh, USA; Crompton Grieves LTD, India; Rade Koncar, Zagreb, Croatia; GEC Alsthon, France; Ministry of Energy, Republic Chine; Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Agriculture of Moldova Republic; Ministry of Economy, Montenegro; ICSU Regional Office for Asia and Pacific - Kuala Lumpur; Many companies in Former Yugoslavia, and Serbia and Montenegro.

Other activities: UNESCO (have been delegate on four General conferences in the program: general knowledge and information, UNISIST) ; WREN (World renewable   energy network- member) ; WSS (World solar summit- participant); FISU (Federation of student sport unions - was member of executive committee); Member of many institutions at the University of Montenegro (Senate, Research council...); Member of many professional institutions in former Yugoslavia; President of Association of Electrical and Mechanical engineers in Former SFRJ and SRJ; Member of many steering comities of national and international professional conferences.


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