Branislav Ostojić


Branislav Ostojic was born on November 2nd, 1940 in Vrela - Žabljak. He completed the elementary and secondary school in Žabljak and Nikšić. He graduated from the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade at the Serbo-Croatian language with the General linguistics and the Old Slavonic language in 1966. He received the M.S. (1970) and the Ph.D. (1975) diplomas from the same University.

Branislav was elected asan assistant professor at theFaculty of Philology in Belgrade. During the schoolyear 1967/‘68, he started to work as a college professor in Nikšić. The sameyear, based on the proposal of the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, he went to the Soviet Union where, at the University of Leningrad - the Faculty of Philosophy, he worked as a lecturer for one year. During the establishment of the Faculty of Philosophy in Nikšić he was elected as an associate (1979) and then the full professor (1983). The Professor Emeritus at the University of Montenegro he became in 2005.

Being invited, he lectured at the Faculties of Philosophy in Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Sarajevo. Also, he has lectured at the Yugoslav International Slavic seminars in Sarajevo and Zadar, and was a guest lecturer at the Croatian International Summer Slavonic School in Dubrovnik, as well. As a guest professor, he has lectured at the Columbia University in the New York City, the Harvard University in Cambridge and the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, USA.

He was also president of the Serbo-Croatian language and literature Department’s Council, a Vice-Dean at the Faculty of Philosophy in Nikšić, and a Head of the Serbo-Croatian (Serbian) language Department since its establishment. Since the founding of the Society for Science of Montenegro in 1974, he worked in Podgorica as the Head of the Committee for Language and Literature. In the MASA he was the initiator of the linguistic research. He was the Secretary of the Art Department and a member of the Presidency of MASA (2002-2012). At the same time, he directed the Institute of Petar II Petrović - Njegoš and was Chairman of the Board for the critical edition of Njegoš’s works. He edited the Bulletin of the Department of Arts and all linguistic and lexicographic publications in MASA. For three years he was an Assistant Director of the Yugoslav International Seminar for the Foreign Slavists in Zadar, many times was a member of the expert Committee for the Award of AVNOJ, a member of the Yugoslav Slavic Committee, a member of the MCO Committee for studying and teaching languages and Yugoslav literature at the foreign universities, a member of the Committee in the SFRY Assembly for the texts identity investigation of the Yugoslavian nations and nationalities languages, and its president for some time as well. Hewas a member of: the Inter-academic Committee for the Slavic languages Studies (the Academy - Zagreb), the Inter-academic Committee for the Dialectological mapping (SANU -Belgrade), the Inter-academic Committee for the Study of orthographic and orthoepicissues (ANUB&H - Sarajevo), and for sometime was also: a member of the Onomastics Inter-academic Board (JAZU - Zagreb), the Standardization Board of SANU for the Serbian language in Belgrade, a Vice President of the Committee for the cultivation and study of the Serbian language in Belgrade. He was (and, of some of them, still is) a member of the editorial offices: Onomastics of Yugoslavia - Zagreb, Literature and Language-Belgrade, The Word - Nikšić, The Serbian Language-Belgrade. The Profession Editor-Linguistics, Philology-Encyclopedia of Yugoslavia for Montenegro (second edition) - Zagreb, an editor for the linguistic publications in Unireks, etc.

He participated with papers at more than 80 conferences in Leningrad, New York, Ljubljana, Skopje, Sarajevo, Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Podgorica.

He received the Award of Thirteenth July and the Order of the Silver Wreath.

For the Associate member of the Montenegrin Academyof Sciences Arts has been elected on November 19th, 1993 and as a Full member on December 8th, 2000. He lives in Nikšić.

Research activities

His bibliography consists of 20 books and over 350 studies and discussions, reports, and articles in domestic and foreign journals.

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