Zuvdija Hodžić

Zuvdija HODŽIĆ was born on August 1, 1943 in Gusinje. Since 1962 lives in Titograd where he works as a journalist of the magazine "Titogradska tribina" and then in the Youth Center "Budo Tomovic". He graduated from the Faculty of Philology in Pristina. He was secretary of the Youth Alliance of Titograd, editor of magazine "Titov pionir," Deputy Director and Deputy Editor in Chief of INDOK Center and "Titogradska tribina” magazine, Deputy Editor in Chief of the magazine “Stvaranje”. He was President of the Assembly of the Republic Culture Community of Montenegro, Deputy in the Parliament of Montenegro, Alderman of the Municipal Assembly of Podgorica, President of the Literary Youth of Montenegro, Supervisor of the Scouts Association of Montenegro School, Chairman of the Management Board of the Immigration Centre of Montenegro. In the OSCE's "School for Roma" he lectured culture, literature and tradition of Roma.

He is Vice President of SUBNOR and Antifascists of Montenegro, Editor in Chief of the magazine "Kod", Editor and one of the founders of the magazine "Almanah", as well as of the journal "Putovanja".

He is member of the Montenegrin Association of Independent Writers and “Matica crnogorska” since their foundation. He is Secretary General of the Montenegrin PEN Center. He has a status of a prominent creator of culture.

He published a book of poetry "Na prvom konaku", books of short stories "Gluva zvona" and "Neko zove", novels "Gusinjska godina" and "Davidova zvijezda", a Travelogue and Reportage "Jedan dan života", a book of essays “To je To”, as well as a large number of essays from literature and art. His novels and books of short stories were published in Albanian language, and "Davidova zvijezda" in Polish, Slovenian and Italian languages.

He is an award winner of “Trinaesti jul”, Liberation of Titograd Award, "Pero Ćamila Sijarića" Award, Liberation of Plav Award. Triple winner of the Festival of Young Poets of Yugoslavia "Majska rukovanja", winner of the Yugoslav Poetry Festival "Potkozjačke večeri" in Kumanovo, festivals in Nikšić, Belgrade, recipient of seven first place awards at Republic and Federal competitions of the Youth Council of Montenegro.

He was a member of the Commission for the development of curriculum for native language and literature for elementary and high school in Montenegro and a member of a Peer-review Committee for readers and textbooks of mother tongue. He has been published in several anthologies of prose and poetry, in readings for elementary and secondary schools and literary studies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. He is also engaged in the fine arts - drawing and graphics. He had several solo exhibitions. He has published a Drawings and Writings Monograph "Podgoricom starom" and "Otkrivanje zavičaja". He had achieved significant results in sport, especially in judo, where he obtain his black belt. He lives in Podgorica.

For the Associate Member of the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts was elected on 29 November 2011.

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