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Rastoder Šerbo was born on August 13, 1956 in Radmanci, Berane municipality. He finished Elementary and secondary school in Bar. He graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy - History Department in 1981, and got a Master degree of the same University: Yugoslav Radical Union in Montenegro 1935-1939 in June 1987, and then defended his doctoral thesis entitled: Socio -economic basis of political struggle in Montenegro from 1918 to 1929, in June 1993. Mentor to graduate, master's thesis and doctoral dissertation of Šerbo Rastoder was dr Branko Petranović, professor of the history of the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade.
Data on the appointment
1985-1993, teaching assistant and assistant of subjects on the history of the Yugoslav peoples and introduction to the history of the basics of auxiliary historical sciences
24 February 1994, election to the position of assistant professor
7 May 1999, election to the position of associate professor
2005 - election to the position of full time professor
Pedagogical work at the University      
Postgraduate Studies
- As of September 1993 he taught courses: Introduction to the History of the basics of auxiliary historical sciences (at the Department of History and Geography), General History of the XIX and XX century (at the Department of Sociology)
- 1995-2002, General History of the XIX century at the Department of History - Geography
- September 2001, History of Yugoslavia at the Department of History - Geography confirmed the decision of the Council of the University of NN 15.02.2002
- October 2004, Contemporary Political History at the Faculty - Department of political science at the Faculty of political science since 2006.
 Graduate school
- October 2002, History of Europe 1789 - 1945; History of Europe 1945-1991 and specialized course "Great powers and small nations" - Center for International Studies, University of Montenegro
- October 2002, General History of European society XVI-XVII century, Faculty of Philosophy in Tuzla, Department of History
- From May 2005, The methodology of historical research and historiography at the Faculty of Philosophy in Nikšić, Department of History
Professional and public engagement
- 1999-2004, Regular member Doclean Academy of Sciences and Arts, the founder member of the BANU, associate member of CANU
- Member of the Board for historical science of CANU from 1993.
- Member of the CANU Board for issuing sources for the history of Montenegro, since 1994
- 2001 – 2005, Member of the Board of the Institute of History of Montenegro
- Since 1997, Chairman 2000 member of Society of Historians of Montenegro
- 1999-2002, Member of the Board of the Open Society of Montenegro
- 2001 – 2005, Member of the Council of the Center for International Studies
- Since 2002, Council member of RTCG
- 2000-2002, Vice president, Council of the Faculty of Philosophy
- Since 2001, member of the Management Board of the Centre for Human Rights at the University of Montenegro
- 2001-2003, First Chairman of the Forum of Bosniaks - Muslims in Montenegro
- 2001-2003, Council member of Curriculum committee for the reform of education and coordinator of social sciences (history, geography, civil education)
- From the 2003, member of the Committee for General Education in Montenegro
- 2001 – 2003, Vice President of the National Committee for Diaspora
- 2001 – 2003, Member of the National Council, "Lynk Diversity"
- Since 2003, member of the Expert Council of the team UN and one of 100 scientists from around the world on the "Dissolution of Yugoslavia", section "Independence & the Fate of Minorities".
- Since 1994, member of the Board of Montenegrin Matica
- Since 2004, member of the National Forum of "Education for All" under the sponsorship of UNESCO
- 2004 – 2005, member of the first Council of the "Group for Change"
- 2004-2006, member of the Executive Committee of the Movement for Independent Montenegro
- Since 2007, the President of the Council of Bosniaks in Montenegro
         - In 1997 editor of the Almanac, "Journal for the study of cultural and historical heritage of Muslim Bosniaks in Montenegro
        - 1994-1998, member of the editorial board of "Historical records"
        - Since 2002, a member of the editorial board of "Historical records”
      - Since 2000, member of the editorial board of "MATICA", journal of social affairs, science and culture.
          The main object of scientific research of Prof. Šerbo Rastoder is the history of Montenegro and Yugoslavia in nineteenth and twentieth century, and theoretical and methodological problems of historical science. He has authored or co-authored 16 scientific monographs, is the author of several books objections, co-author of history textbooks for high school, the author of the script, editor and reviewer of more than 60 special editions, the author of over 200 scientific articles, contributions and discussions, about 200 images, articles, essays, notes, and reviews. Author of more than 150 encyclopedic units in the "Encyclopedia of Montenegro" and "Montenegrin encyclopedia." The editor and co-author of "Historical lexicon of Montenegro". He has participated in several projects of international character, roundtables and panel discussions on history, human rights, inter-ethnic relations, media and culture. During the 2004 he was awarded improvement in the U.S. based media program. Gave lectures on the history of Montenegro and multiculture in several countries of Western Europe and the United States.
Studies and monographs
1. Dr Dobrečić Nicholas, archbishop and primate of Bar Serbian 1872-1955, life and work, Contribution to the study of history of the Bar archbishopric, Mediterranean, Budva 1991 (co-author works).
2. Life’s questions of Montenegro 1918-1929, Cultural centre, Library ,,Bar Chronicle", Bar 1995
3. Political struggle in Montenegro from 1918 to 1929, the foundation Andrejević forbidden, Library Disertatia, Belgrade 1996
4. Hidden side of history, Montenegro rebellion and rebellious movement of 1918-1929, I- IV, Collection of Documents, Library Nidamentym, Bar 1997
5. Political parties in Montenegro 1918-1929, Conteco Bar, 2000
6. The Janus face of history, VIJESTI, Podgorica, 2000
7. The role of France in the violent annexation of Montenegro, a translation of the 1 edition 1921, Conteco, Bar, 2001 (epilogue)
8. Petrovići in exile - twilight of a dynasty, CANU, Podgorica, 2002 (offprint from the Proceedings from the "Symposium on Dynasty Petrović Njegoš" 227-301)
9. The textbook for the fourth grade of Grammar school (co-author), Institute for Textbooks, Podgorica, 2003
10. Montenegro in exile 1918 - 1925, I-II, Historical Institute of Montenegro, Almanac, Podgorica, 2004
12. Introduction to the history, the authorized lectures 2006
13. Historical Lexicon of Montenegro I- V, VIJESTI, Podgorica, 2006, editor and co-author
14. History of Montenegro from the earliest times to 2003 (co-author), Podgorica, 2006
15. History of Montenegro (co-author), Podgorica, 2006
16. Montenegro and the great powers, Podgorica, 2007 [co-author]

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