Perko Vukotić

Vukotic Perko, born in 1945, is full member of the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts, member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts and retired Professor of Nuclear Physics at the University of Montenegro.

He graduated at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Montenegro, and obtained Master and Ph.D. degree at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia.

He had specialisation and training in the research institutions in Serbia (Institute for Nuclear Sciences "Vinca"), Germany (Institute for Radioisotope Application, Technical University of Dresden), Belgium (Institute for Nuclear Sciences, University of Gent) and USA (University of Virginia, Department of Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics, as a Fulbright scholar).

Fields of his scientific interest are radioecology, gamma-spectrometry and neutron activation analysis. He has 131 publications in the scientific journals, proceedings and monographs, 58 expert articles, reports and public lectures, and carried out 21 research projects.

During his 40-year long career at the University of Montenegro, Perko Vukotic was dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, head of the Department of Physics, president of the Senate of the University and member of the Scientific and Educational Council of the University.

Dr Vukotic was member of the Montenegrin National Science and Research Council, member of the Executive Council of the Yugoslav Radiation Protection Association, Yugoslav Commission for Metrology of Ionising Radiation and Yugoslav Commission for Radiation Protection, scientific leader for radioecology research projects at the International Science Centre for Ecology and Man Health - Podgorica, scientific adviser for radioecology at the Centre for Ecotoxicological Investigation of Montenegro,leader of the Expert team for clean-up and decontamination of Cape Arza targeted by NATO aircrafts with depleted uranium ammunition, and leading researcher in the Montenegrin radioecological programs. Apart from this, he was member of the Montenegrin National Council for Changes in Education, president of the National Curriculum Council of Montenegro and member of the ALLEA Working Group on Science Education. He is president of the Advisory Board on Radiation Protection and Radiation Security at the Environmental Protection Agency of Montenegro and chartered radiation protection professional by the Society for Radiological Protection, United Kingdom.

            He is holder of The Liberation of the City of Podgorica Award for scientific achievement, The Charter of the University of Montenegro for contribution to the development of science and education at the University, The 13thJuly Award, the highest honour of the state of Montenegro for scientific achievement, and The State Award "Oktoih", the highest honour of Montenegro for educational achievements.

Selected papers:

• P.Vukotic, "Routine multielement instrumental neutron activation analysis of silicate rocks using short-lived radionuclides", J.Radioanal.Chem., 63 (1981) 353-365.

• P.Vukotic, "Determination of rare earth elements in bauxites by instrumental neutron activation analysis", J.Radioanal.Chem., 78 (1983) 105-115.

• S.Jovanovic, F.De Corte, A.Simonits, L.Moens, P.Vukotic, J.Hoste, "The effective resonance energy as a parameter in (n,gamma) activation analysis with reactor neutrons", J.Radioanal.Nucl.Chem., Articles, 113 (1987) 177-185.

• N.Mihaljevic, S.Jovanovic, F.De Corte, B.Smodis, R.Jacimovic, G.Medin, A.De Wispelaere, P.Vukotic, P.Stegnar, " EXTSANGLE - an extension of the efficiency conversion program SOLANG to sources with a diameter larger than that of the Ge detector", J.Radioanal.Nucl.Chem., Articles, 169 (1993) 209-218.

• P.Vukotic, N.Mihaljevic, S.Jovanovic, S.Dapcevic, F.Boreli, "On the applicability of the effective solid angle concept in activity determination of large cylindrical sources", J.Radioanal.Nucl.Chem., Vol. 218, No. 1 (1997) 21-26.

• S.Jovanovic, S.Dlabac, N.Mihaljevic, P.Vukotic, "ANGLE - a PC-code for semiconductor detector efficiency calculations", J.Radioanal.Nucl.Chem., Vol. 218, No. 1 (1997) 13-20.

• S.K.Andrukhovich, N.Antovich, A.V.Berestov, P.Vukotich, A.A.Gurinovich, O.N.Metelitsa, A.A.Khrushchinskii, "A method for selections three-photon positronium-annihilation events with a multidetector coincidence spectrometer", Instruments and Experimental Techniques (2000) Vol. 43, p. 295-299.

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• N.Antovic, P.Vukotic, R.Zekic, R.Svrkota, R.Ilic, "Indoor radon concentrations in urban settlements on the Montenegrin Coast", Radiation Measurements, Vol.42, No.9 (2007), pp. 1573-1579.

• N. M.Antovic, P.Vukotic, N.Svrkota, S. K.Andrukhovich, "Pu-239+240 and Cs-137 in Montenegro soil - their correlation and origin", Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, Vol. 110 (2012), pp. 90-97.

• P.Vukotic, T.Andjelic, R.Zekic, M.Kovacevic, S.Savic, "Survey and Decontamination of Cape Arza, Targeted with Depleted Uranium Ammunition", Proceedings of the 11th IRPA Congress 2004, Madrid, Spain, May 2004,

• P. Vukotic, N. Antovic, R. Zekic, R. Svrkota: "Indoor Radon Concentrations in the Coastal and Central Regions of Montenegro", Proceedings of the 12th IRPA Congress, Buenos Aires, 19-24 October 2008.

Address: Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts

               R. Stijovica 5

               81000 Podgorica, MONTENEGRO       


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