Milinko Šaranović

He was born on 14 October 1929 in a village Potkraj, near Danilovgrad, where he finished elementary school. His schooling was interrupted during the war as he was actively engaged in national struggle for liberation, from 1943. Comprehensive technical school – section for Electrical engineering, he completed in Titograd. He graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, Department for Energetics, in 1956, where he took his PhD too, in 1970.

After graduation, he worked till 1963 in the Union of Electrical Economy of Montenegro. He was the manager of the office for studies and construction, and sequently the technical director of the Union.

He participated in different projects within the area of electrical energetics of Montenegro and Yugoslavia. He spent several months abroad on specialization. He was elected for assistant professor (1963), for associate professor (1970) and full professor (1978) on the subject Basis of electrical engineering.

He was Vice-dean in three mandates, whereas from 1971 to 1973 he acted as dean of the Technical Faculty. He performed the function of Vice rector (1976–1980) and Rector (1982–1986) of the University „Veljko Vlahović”.

He was president of the Presidency of University Union of Yugoslavia and a member of Permanent committee of the Conference of Rectors of Europe, when he received the Plaque and the Charter of UUY. As the representative of UUY he was member of the Federal committee for science, technology and informatics.

As the rector of University he has developed cooperation with the University Lomonosov in Moscow, University in Bari, University in Karlsruhe and the University in Rostov on Done.

He is ordinary member of the Engineering Academy of Yugoslavia from its foundation in 1998. He is a member of redaction of several scientific and professional journals.

The main field of his scientific interest is theoretical electrical magnetics. Especially significant is his research in the area of electrical energetics development, of Montenegro as well as of Yugoslavia (Energy potentials of Montenegro and possibilites of its use, Development of the basic 380 kV network of Yugoslavia and the Strategy of development of energetics of Yugoslavia till 2050).

He was awarded the Order of work with golden wreath (1969) and the Order of Republic with silver wreath (1978), as well as the golden plaque „Boris Kidrič” (1962) and the plaque „Nikola Tesla” (1985).

The most important published works: On the essence of physical theories of Faraday and Maxwell (1971); Electrical statics (1973); Electrical cinetics (1973); Basis of Electrical engineering II – Linear electrical circuits (1981); Basis of Electrical engineering I – Electrical and magnetic field (1982, 1990); Selected papers (2003); Hydroenergetic potentials of Montenegro (as co-author) (2007); Water potentials of Montenegro (as co-author) (2010).

He was elected for associate member of the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts on 1 March 1985, and for full member on 19 November 1993.

He was Secretary of the Department of Natural Sciences (1985–1995), Secretary general of the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts (1995–2001). In 2002 he acted as Vice-President of the Academy. For correposnding member of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Republic of Srpska he was elected on 21 June 2004.

He lives in Podgorica.

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