Milica Kostić

She was born on 14 March 1940 in Njeguši, Cetinje. She attended primary school in Njeguši, while she completed the Secondary economic school in Podgorica (Titograd at the time). She graduated in 1963, took her Master degree in 1976, and defended her PhD in 1981 at the Faculty of Economy in Belgrade.

In 1974 she obtained a specialist training at the P. A. Managament Center in London within the area of consulting services. In 1986, she realized the study stay at the Institute of world economy within the Academy of Sciences of Soviet Union and at other scientific or institutions of higher education in Moscow.

She worked as a teacher in the Commercial school, as secretary of the Municipal committee of the national youth in Podgorica, head of Department for work and work relations and head assiastant for economy in the local Parliament of Podgorica.

From 1965 she worked at the Faculty of Economy, at the Institute for social-economic research in Podgorica, where she was elected to all scientific titles. For scientific adviser she was appointed in 1988. She retired in 2001.

She participated in numerous scientific meetings and congresses in the country and abroad. She was mentor to students in their scientific-research work within regular and PhD studies. She worked on the macro-projects of the Consortium of economic institutes of SFRY and the Consortium of the Institute of social sciences of SFRY. She was member of scientific boards of interrepublican - R/P projects. She acted as a member in editorial boards of several journals (Praxis, Productivity, Faits et tendances, Development, Year book of the Economical Faculty, Proceedings of the Law Faculty, Economic policy, Economist), in editorial boards of the proceedings of the Department of Social Sciences of CANU, in numerous editions – publications of the Faculty of Economy – IDEI, of SIZ for scientific activity of Montenegro, Society of economists of Podgorica... She was a member of Redaction for history of Montenegro, of Council and Redaction of „The Montenegrin bibliography 1494 – 1994“ and editor for economic sciences, member of Council of „Prosvjetni rad“... She acted as editor for three areas within the Enciclopediae of Montenegro.

Before the disolution of the state (1990) she was nominated for the United Nations expert from SFRY for the area of population policy and family. In scientific-research work she was focused on research from the area of economic development, economic system and economic policy of the thematic fields: distribution, structure of economy, social activities, nonproductive consumption.

She published over 640 bibliographic items, 16 books (being co-author in 5), 19 monographies, 135 articles, 100 lectures, of which 14 held at the international conferences, 176 studies and projects (as author or co-author), many enciclopedic references – notes, expert evaluations, reviews, critics and so on. She took part in designing the 79 scientific publications and proceedings (of which 27 by CANU). She participated in the congresses and scientific meetings abroad (Bagdad 1981, Berlin 1983, Skadar 2010), so as in many conventions and scientific conferences in the country. She was cited by many authors and presented in several memorials and monographies.

She performed important functions at the Faculty of Economy (President of Council), in IDEI (President of Scientific Council), in SIZ for scientific activities of Montenegro (President of Executive board), Council of associations for scientific work of SFRY, professional organizations and associations in Montenegro and Yugoslavia.

Besides her permanent scientific research engagement, she acted as social-political activist till 1990. She performed a seria of important functions in the social-political organizations and Parliaments of Municipality of Podgorica, Republic of Montenegro and SFRY. Further on, she was a member of the Central Committee NO of Montenegro (1960 – 1964), a member of the Central council of the Sindicates' Union of Yugoslavia (1965 – 1970), deputy and the president of the Committee for social-economic relations and political system of the Parliament of SR Montenegro (1984 – 1988), a member of Presidency of SSRN of Yugoslavia (1986 – 1991), and so on.

She acts as Vice-secretary of the Department of Social Sciences of CANU, is member (and was the secretary at earlier stage) of the Board of CANU for economic sciences, member of the Board of CANU for demography and anthropology, member of Redaction of Economika – an international journal for economic theory and praxis and social issues, and is contributor in several journals.

She is an ordinary member of the Scientific Society of Economists of Serbia, Academy of Economic Sciences and European Economic Association of Academicians.

She was awarded many public recognitions, of which the most significant are: the Thirteenth of July Award (1984), The Liberation of Titograd award (1977), Order of work with the golden wreath (1986), Recognition of the Scientific Society of Economists of Yugoslavia (2002) and others.

She was elected for the associate member of CANU on 12 December 2003, and for the full member on 19 December of 2008.

She lives in Podgorica.

Published books:Potentials of rise of coastal area of Montenegro, coauthor, 1970; Distribution of the national income and its impact on the development of Yugoslav economy, 1976; Projection of longterm development of FR Montenegro till 2000, co-author, 1983; System and policy of distribution after the reform, 1983; Changes in the development of social activities, 1988; Basic characteristics of nonproductive consumption in Montenegro, 1990; Longterm tendencies in the development of Montenegro and Yugoslavia, 1992; Development of Montenegro till 2000, co-author, 1996; Montenegro at the threshold of the 21st century, co-author, 1996; Nonproductive consumption and changes in the economy system, 1999; Monography: Institute for social-economic research-IDEI 1965-2000, 2001; Montenegro - General monography, co-author, 2003; Montenegro in the XXI century / in the era of competitiveness / volume 10: Science and technology, co-author, 2010; Science and science development in Montenegro over time, 2011; Pejovic Brotherhood from Njeguši – branch that originates from archpriest Savo Pejović, co-author, 2003.

Selected papers: Science policy and strategy in the context of crisis, 1993; Third technological revolution and changes in satisfying the needs, 1995; Strategy of development and central points of development policy, 1995; Limits and opportunities of market in the economy which undergoes transition, 1995; Transformation of economy and societal activities, 1995; Basis of development conceptions of Montenegro in the context of transition, 1997; Leaning points – their impact on economic and social development, 1997; Transition, economic and societal growth, 1998; Development tendencies of the Yugoslav economy, 1998; Economic policy and economic growth in the process of transition, 2003; General problems of development of science and the scientific-research staff in Montenegro, 2004; Science and education facing the challenge of late transition and globalization, 2004; Economic growth and demographic changes in Montenegro, 2005; Development of social functions of Montenegro till 2020, 2005; Role of market in the transition and post transition process, 2006; Education, science and technologies in the service of innovative economy and society development and the role of media, 2006; Basis of conception and strategy of development of social activities of Montenegro in the period ahead, 2006; Contribution to analysis of the economy problematics in the Draft of Constitution of Montenegro, 2007; Characteristics of longterm movement of city population and the standards in the urban areas of Montenegro, 2009; Montenegrin-Russian institutional scientific cooperation in the area of economic sciences, 2010; Humanities in the small country and the globalization, 2011; Knowledge, science and development, 2012; Njegoš' contribution and strivings to upgrade the economic state and living conditions, 2013; Challenges to small countries in the future, 2014.

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