Đorđe Borozan

Djordje Borozan was born on 20 April 19147, in Cetinje (Montenegro).

Primary school and the Gymnasium he completed in Cetinje. He graduated from The Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade (Serbia) - Group for general and national history, in 1972. He mastered on the thesis “Montenegro and Dubrovnik in time of Šćepan the small”, and gained a PhD in historical sciences at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade with thesis “The Great Albania – origin – ideas - praxis”.

Prof. Borozan worked at the Federal Secretariat for foreign affairs (Diplomatic Archive) in Belgrade, as associate at the Institute for journalism, Institute for contemporary history, and was editor of magazines, such as “Novinarstvo”, «Questions actuelles du socialisme». In the Institute for contemporary history he was engaged as senior scientific advisor and editor in chief of the magazine “History of the 20 century”.

From 2001 to 2008 he held the position of associate and full professor at the Faculty of Philosophy in Niksic, at the Department for the history of South-Slavic people from XVI century till 1918. From 2002 to 2007, he was director of the Historical institute of Montenegro. At the same time, Prof. Borozan was scientific adviser, chief editor of magazine ”Istorijski zapisi" (Historical notes), and publications of the Institute, as well as the president of the Scientific council of the Institute. He acted as manager on the projects “The history of Montenegro from 1918 till today”, “Montenegro and Albanians in XIX and XX century”, “The Albanian factor of the crisis in Yugoslavia”.

He was a member of the Senate of the University of Montenegro, President of the Commission for history of the Ministry for Education and Science of Montenegro, editor of several publications from the field of social sciences, President of the Center for history of South-East Europe in Belgrade and Cold war studies centre LSE – London. He acted also as a member of council and editorial board for the books: Yugoslav-Soviet relations 1945–1956, and Montenegro in the diplomatic documents of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The fields of his special scientific interest are: political and diplomatic history of Montenegro; history of Europe in the XIX and XX century; Yugoslav-Albanian and Montenegrin-Albanian relations from the end of the XV century till 90’s of the XX century; history and historiography; educational function of history in the teaching-educational programmes; issues of historical, ethical and spiritual identity and problems of the contemporary history.

At the scientific meetings in the country and abroad he delivered papers that were published in the Proceedings and books listed in his bibliography. He has published more than 200 articles, studies, discussions, reviews and contributions in over 30 special editions in Montenegro, Yugoslavia and abroad. As Professor at the postdoctoral studies of the Faculty of Philosophy in Niksic (Montenegro), on the subject The Eastern Question and at the Faculty of Law in Podgorica, where he taught the course Diplomacy of Montenegro, Prof. Borozan was engaged as mentor and member of Commission for several master and PhD thesis. From 2007 he is engaged as full professor at the University „Donja Gorica”.

The most important books published: Great Albania – origin – ideas – praxis (1995); 125 years of the Second Belgrade Gymnasium (1995); Yugoslav state and the Albanians, volume I (co-author) (1998); Yugoslav state and the Albanians, volume II (co-author) (1999); Kosovo and Metohija in the plans on Great Albania 1878–2000 (2001); Kosovo i Metohija – the life of the living ones (co-author) (2005); Textbook for the third grade of Grammar school (co-author) (2003 and 2008); Historical atlas (co-author) (2009); Yugoslav-Soviet relations 1945–1956 (co-author) (2010).

For the associate member of the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts he was elected on 15 December 2006, and for full member on 29 November 2011.

From 2007 he serves as the President of the MASA Committee for history.

He serves as the vice-president of the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts since 1 August 2016.

Prof. Borozan lives in Podgorica.

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